Only good news from Modus!

Dear Partners! We apologize for our keeping silence for a rather long time. You should not think that we did not have any news to share with you. Actually we have done many interesting projects which we hasten to share with you.

1. September. Fair Comfort House 2015

We have traditionally taken part in the annual “Comfort House” construction fair. We both have presented some new products, as well as the entire available assortment of goods, and we have organized a meeting for the door market experts entitled as "Door market leaders’ Day" for the second time, where the manufacturers and vendors of doors and furniture fittings had a chance to discuss topical issues of the door market.

2. October. Completion of “Maniglia Nuova 2015” design contest.

We have completed the annual “Maniglia Nuova 2015” design contest and specified the best design ideas to be put into production by “LineaCali” and “Giusti” companies. The contest winners, besides launching the production of their ideas by the advanced Italian companies, have received cash prizes and the chance to visit Italy.

3. October-November. The second annual contest “Ukrainian Wood Fashion 2015”.

This year's contest for doors design “Ukrainian Wood Fashion 2015” was supported by two Ukrainian companies-producers – ‘Domberg” and “Portes”. We are striving for the introducing of Ukrainian designers’ ideas into production, and we are eager the Ukrainian consumers to get to know the best doors producers. For today we have already received a number of entries which can be looked through online in here link.