Only good news from Modus - Door Hardware Showroom | 200 Ideas | PR project

Of course you see the news from Ukraine and of course this war doesn’t help us to sale more.

1. We opened a new showroom in (September 2014).

We are proud that we are the owners of the best Door Hardware Showroom in Ukraine. On the presentation of new salon there were a lot of our good partners and business friends. Some of them are designers, door producers and sellers of door.

2. Winners of competition (October 2014).

We finished the third design competition for the door handles in October. We have collected more than 200 quality and creative ideas. Two of these designs will be produced in 2015 by Linea Cali.The start and final awarding procedure were done during the construction and interior trade fairs in Kiev. During this competition we have got in touch with more than 2000 designers and some of them already brought the orders to us.

3. New PR project (October 2014).

We organized the competition for the doorsdesign. It promises to be even more successful. The idea is to attract professionals from two different fields:: designers as participants and door producers and studios as users of these designs.

We believe in the success and growth of Ukraine in the coming years.

We work hard to increase our market share.