Only good news from Modus - Andrea Giusti | Mario Facchetti

The previous two months were rich in visiting our Italian partners. We would love to share the results of that.

1. Workshop by Andrea Giusti "How to create a unique design intended to be sold worldwide"

This year “Giusti” company has become a partner in our Maniglia Nuova Contest, where the designers were given a task of designing a furniture handle. We were very glad to welcome the company owner - Andrea Giusti who made a visit to Ukraine last month. We organized a workshop where a great number of designers and architects were invited to communicate, discuss and share the ideas on the given subject with Andrea Giusti as well as with each other. We should admit there were a lot of those who wished to participate in this event and it was surely very useful and fruitful meeting.

2. Meeting with Mario Facchetti

Recently a co-owner of “Linea Cali” company - Mario Facchetti has also visited Ukraine. It is worthy to mention that the company “Linea Cali” has been a main partner in our Maniglia Nuova Contest on designing a door handle for four years running. During the meeting Mario gave a high appraisal of Ukrainian designers’ creativity in this field. Everyone at the meeting had a chance to talk with him and get answers to the questions.

3. The results of Maniglia Nuova 2015 Contest

During the Maniglia Nuova Contest time 177 contest entries from the designers from all over Ukraine have been received. The best ideas will be put into production by the companies “Linea Cali” and “Giusti”. We will talk a bit later about the ideas we are going to see introduced into the European furniture soon.