Only good news from Modus - InterBuildExpo 2015 | MadeExpo 2015 | Ukrainian Association of Door’s

Our last letter was sending more than two month ago. It's not because we did not have good news, we were work a lot. What result we got for this time you can read in mail.

1. Ukrainian ideas in life. New door’s collection as result of contest Ukrainian Wood Fashion.

Last year we have organized the competition for the doors design. We received 175 interesting ideas from different part of Ukraine. The first place won door with name Neoclassical. Some of doors which will be produce in large quantities this year all people could see in the fair InterBuildExpo 2015 in Kyiv. Excellent result for the first year of competition.

2. Modus team in the fair MadeExpo 2015

This year we have had business trip to Made Expo but it was different as we had last time. We organized team which consisted of 27 people. There were: producer of doors, sellers of doors, sellers of hardware and designer. We had interesting program with visiting showroom Cleaf, had communication in the fair Made Expo, we had business meeting with Almar company, and business dinner with Otlav. Positive emotion, new meeting and a lot of great ideas.

3. We are doing the first step to organize Ukrainian Association of Door’s producers and sellers

In the fair InterbuildExpo 2015 we presented booth with all products what we sell and organized meeting where we invited door’s producers and sellers. First part of meeting was dedicated for speech of trainer of time-management about strategic planning in times of crisis. Next time we talked about situation in Ukrainian door’s market, about trends and made forecasts for 2015.